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Generate Product Ideas for Your New Small Business

Learn how to find ideas for your next business, side hustle, or indie startup using 17 highly actionable techniques.

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Need new ideas? Done.

Today every skill for building a product can be learnt online — coding, design, marketing — besides one: generating new product ideas. With this book, you will learn actionable techniques for finding ideas to start your next profitable SaaS, physical, digital, services or content business.

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What will you learn from this book?

What’s inside?

  • 17 actionable techniques for generating product ideas
  • 60+ examples of product ideas
  • 6 printable PDF canvases for practicing the techniques
  • Lists of B2B audiences you could serve
  • Resources listing untackled business problems
  • Resources to help you keep track of new products
  • A method for prioritizing ideas
  • No upsale, no fluff
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The way to get good ideas is to get lots of ideas...
Linus Pauling, Nobel Prize laureate

Find problems to solve

Discover 17 techniques that will help you to find problems and business opportunities from different sources, such as:

  • Scientific research
  • Web search analysis
  • Market trends
  • Your own experience
  • Open data sets
  • Unrelated industries
  • Business model patterns
  • and more...

PDF-Canvases included for practicing generating ideas

Examples of ideas you'll generate yourself

It’s hard for non-native speakers or language learners to know if their language level will be good enough to understand a book or movie prior to purchase.

Analyze language complexity and assign a score to books, movies, podcasts, YouTube channels, etc. Build a stand-alone platform and/or a browser add-on displaying the scoring on Amazon, Netflix, YouTube, etc. You could potentially license this information, similar to how IMDB licenses their data.
High CO2 levels in the air can decrease human cognitive performance by 50%. It negatively affects people in co-working spaces and the companies whose workers’ productivity is affected are losing money.

Build a service that measures indoor CO2 levels, provides a report on the results, and sells equipment or services to improve it.
Looking down at your phone places enormous strain on the spine and can result in head, neck, and arm pain, as well as numbness.

Create a smartphone app to measure and track the user’s posture. The measurements could be sourced via the device’s built-in inclinometer.
Research shows that modern products often wear out more quickly than they used to, but eCommerce websites don’t consider durability, warranty conditions, repair costs, and resource consumption in their pricing. These factors can heavily affect the product’s cost over its entire lifespan.

Help eCommerce websites to provide consumers with expanded price information that consider these factors.
There are no sustainably produced rain covers for bikes on the market.

Produce and distribute bike rain covers made of sustainable materials.
Workspaces of any kind (office, co-working, coffee shop, home) produce noise which can affect people’s performance, creativity levels, and even their health.

Build an app to measure, track, and analyze noise levels. Show when the noise level or noise type is suboptimal, so the user can move to another space. Provide a weekly or monthly summary insight.

What readers say

I’ve probably read every blog post and IndieHackers thread on finding ideas, so I was sceptical. Regardless, most of the techniques in this book turned out to be completely new to me. I’d defeintely recommend this book to all indie-hackers.
Marijus Merkevičius Freelance Software Developer & Indie Hacker
This book is really inspiring and so practical. It’s thought-provoking and full of examples which definitely motivates to build something new.
Tanya Nativ Design Researcher at Sketch
This book is a great resource for entrepreneurs looking for new ideas or inspiration, regardless of the reader's background. I also really liked the fact that the book is concise, unlike many other books nowadays that come with unnecessary fillers.
Asif Shah Entrepreneur

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Artiom Dashinsky

Hey! My name is Artiom Dashinsky and I'm an entrepreneur and product designer based in Berlin and Tel Aviv. During my career, I led the design of multiple products at startups, co-founded a tech startup, and managed an agency.

For the last few years, I'm making a living from the products I've built like Swag Fair, OpenStanding, SketchKeys, VeggieMat, Solving Product Design Exercises, etc.

Products I've built are used by tens of thousands of professionals working at companies like Google, Airbnb, Netflix, and Boeing. Products I built or designed are featured in Wired, TechCrunch, Forbes, Quartz and more.

My previous book became an Amazon Best Seller in the UX Design category. Reach me on Twitter or email.

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